Database Internals Book Club

With my in-person book club in NYC (reading Designing Data Intensive Applications) coming to a close and the days getting colder, I want to try a virtual book club for Winter 2023.

We're going to cover Database Internals by Alex Petrov.

We'll read one chapter a week and discuss over a Google Group. You do not need a Google account to join the Google Group. Your email will be public if you post but otherwise it will not be visible to anyone.

There'll be no Zoom or Google Hangout, it will purely be over text email.


Now that the book club is over, here are some notes and projects members created during the course of the club.


Basically, someone will lead discussion each week sending out an email on Saturday recapping the chapter. It can be as short as a paragraph or two just to get discussion going. Anyone else can chime in afterward. If no one volunteers to lead a chapter, I'll get the discussion going each time.

Don't worry about being an expert and don't worry about what to say, I'll go first and will prod you when it's your turn.

Sign up (closed)

Send me a message if you'd like to join!

With over 300 members, signups are now closed! Stay tuned for future book clubs though (which may or may not happen)!

Discussion Schedule

Each week looks back on the previous chapter:

Date Leader Chapter Title
Nov 4thPhil1Storage Engines Introduction and Overview
Nov 11thMichael Maclean2B-Tree Basics
Nov 18thSeb Strug3File Formats
Nov 25thMario Sangiorgio4Implementing B-Trees
Dec 2ndHaaken Baldwin5Transaction Processing and Recovery
Dec 9thNathan Wilkinson6B-Tree Variants
Dec 16thAnkit Sultana7Log-Structured Storage
Dec 23rdLuca Palmieri8Distributed Systems Introduction and Overview
Dec 30thMihai Neac┼ču9Failure Detection
Jan 6thVignesh Ravichandran10Leader Election
Jan 13thPete Naylor11Replication and Consistency
Jan 20thAlex Feinberg12Anti-Entropy and Dissemination
Jan 27thChris Eberly13Distributed Transactions
Feb 3rdNeha Narula14Consensus (and any final parts of the book)