Reddit AMA with Samsung NVMe experts

I am very excited that Klaus Jensen from Samsung, along with a few of his colleagues, have agreed to join /r/databasedevelopment for an hour-long AMA on all things NVMe. To be held at the end of January.

This is a unique chance to ask a group of NVMe experts all your disk/NVMe questions.

To pique your interest, take another look at these two papers:

  1. What Modern NVMe Storage Can Do, And How To Exploit It: High-Performance I/O for High-Performance Storage Engines
  2. I/O Interface Independence with xNVMe

Authors of 2., Klaus and Simon, will be present for the AMA.


Find it here!


January 31st, 2024 at 2PM EST / 7PM UTC.


Klaus is maintainer of the QEMU emulated NVMe device and coauthor on a number of ratified NVMe Technical Proposals.