Understanding Software Dynamics Book Club

Previously in this book club series we read Database Internals (300 attendees) and Systems Performance (500 attendees).

The next book we'll cover is Understanding Software Dynamics by Richard Sites. Since this is a shorter book (400 pages) with many chapters (30), we'll read two chapters a week.

All discussion is via a Google Group. You probably need a Google account. Your email will be public if you post but otherwise it will not be visible to anyone.

There will be no Zoom or Google Hangout, it will purely be over text email.

Discussion starter

Each week, one person will send out an email on Saturday recapping the chapter to start discussion. It can be as short as a paragraph or two just to get discussion going. Anyone else can chime in afterward.

Don't worry about being an expert and don't worry about what to say, I'll go first and will prod you when it's your turn.

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Discussion Schedule

Each week one member of the group kicks off discussion for the previous chapter. I.e. on June 1st I'll start a discussion on Chapter 1 & 2. So you should read the chapter before the date it is listed.

Here are the folks (tentatively) starting discussion each week.

Date Leader Chapters Titles
June 1stPhil1 & 2My Program Is Too Slow &
Measuring CPUs
June 8thKemal Akkoyun3 & 4Measuring Memory &
CPU and Memory Interaction
June 15thJames Thompson5 & 6Measuring Disk/SSD &
Measuring Networks
June 22ndKyle Boon7 & 8Disk and Network Database Interaction &
June 29thVineet Ghatge9 & 10Aggregate Measures &
July 6thAndrew Werner11 & 12Other Existing Tools &
July 13thAadhav Vignesh13 & 14Observation Tool Design Principles &
KUtrace: Goals, Design, Implementation
July 20thSkanda Kaashyap15 & 16KUtrace: Linux Kernel Patches &
KUtrace: Linux Loadable Module
July 27thAmin Setayesh17 & 18KUtrace: User-Mode Runtime Control &
KUtrace: Postprocessing
August 3rdEric Marnadi19 & 20KUtrace: Display of Software Dynamics &
What to Look For
August 10thLasse Jacobs21 & 22Executing Too Much &
Executing Slowly
August 17thAsim Ihsan23 & 24Waiting for CPU &
Waiting for Memory
August 24thGabriel Guerra25 & 26Waiting for Disk &
Waiting for Network
August 31stGiovanni Gherdovich27 & 28Waiting for Locks &
Waiting for Time
September 7thKalpak Seal29 & 30Waiting for Queues &