Systems Performance Book Club

Now that the email book club around Database Internals is coming to a close, it's time for a new one!

We're going to cover Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud, 2nd Edition by Brendan Gregg.

Yes, the 2nd Edition. The 1st Edition has fewer chapters, has more focus on Solaris, had fewer technical reviewers, etc. Brendan describes the differences in the link above.

We'll read one chapter a week and discuss over a Google Group. You do not need a Google account to join the Google Group. Your email will be public if you post but otherwise it will not be visible to anyone.

There'll be no Zoom or Google Hangout, it will purely be over text email.

Discussion starter

Each week, one person will send out an email on Saturday recapping the chapter to start discussion. It can be as short as a paragraph or two just to get discussion going. Anyone else can chime in afterward. If no one volunteers to lead a chapter, I'll get the discussion going each time.

Don't worry about being an expert and don't worry about what to say, I'll go first and will prod you when it's your turn.

Sign up (closed)

Over 500 people signed up. Signups are now closed! If you didn't make it this time, there'll likely be a future one when this one ends.

Discussion Schedule

Each week one member of the group kicks off discussion for the previous chapter. I.e. on Feb 10th I'll start a discussion on Chapter 1. So you should read the chapter before the date it is listed.

Here are the folks starting discussion each week.

Date Leader Chapter Title
Feb 10thPhil1Introduction
Feb 17thRohit Kulshreshtha2Methodologies
Feb 24thCan Toraman3Operating Systems
Mar 2ndTobi Okewole4Observability Tools
Mar 9thBob Uva5Applications
Mar 16thSarthak Makhija6CPUs
Mar 23rdTamir Hemo7Memory
Mar 30thAyomide Oyekanmi8File Systems
Apr 6thAshish Paliwal9Disks
Apr 13thAanand N10Network
Apr 20thJonathan Grahl11Cloud Computing
Apr 27thLuis Chavez12Benchmarking
May 4thKemal Akkoyun13perf
May 11thPrasoon Sinha14Ftrace
May 18thVegard Stikbakke15BPF
May 25thBhargav Voleti16Case Study